La Ruta De Sonora Eco-Trips

One company that stood out in our research for Eco-trips into the Sonoran area was La Ruta de Sonora. A non-profit organization that promotes an ethic of responsible and ethical tourism for the three nations of the Arizona-Sonora borderland regions. They are committed to generating new sources of income for local residents through business ventures and services related to ecotourism. La Ruta believes that the natural resources, cultures, traditions and customs in this region will become valuable assets that can support this emerging industry. By providing incentives and opportunities that require preserving and protecting these resources and values, La Ruta promotes an ethic of community based conservation and development.

Below are just two examples of the many trips offer within the Sonoran area by La Ruta De Sonora. Check their site for more info on trips itineraries and dates: or contact Dave Anderson or Isabel Granillo at #1-800-806-0766 or email them at

The Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico presents some of the world’s most remarkable desert vegetation. With local La Ruta guides, you will journey to two of the most remote and unique desert parks that are dedicated to conserving this ecosystem in its natural state. At Organ Pipe Cactus Natl. Monument you’ll learn about the natural history of desert vegetation and wildlife. The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve treasures beautiful volcanic landscape that includes giant maar craters and lava flows. Like the ancient Hohkam who traveled here before us, our trip concludes with a visit to the sea. The tour includes a close examination of the natural diversity of the Sea of Cortez and the rich history of Northern Sonora’s largest seaport city, Puerto Penasco shere you will experience local seafood. 3 Days and 2 Nights.

Follow the trade routes of ancient Hohokam Indians and the trails of Jesuit missionaries, discovering one of the largest undisturbed fields of ancient rock art in the region. Marvel at jewels of the Spanish Colonial missions established by Father Kino in the 17th century. Father Kino's extraordinary 24-year Jesuit missionary career left a legacy of some 30 pueblos in Sonora and Arizona and established the Spanish "hold" in the borderlands regions. The missions stretch before you like a string of pearls, from Caborca, Sonora, to San Xavier, south of Tucson, Arizona. Each mission is a distinct architectural statement; most are still used today.

This excursion also includes a trip to a little known, but rich, cache of petroglyphs. Imagine the lives of the Hohokam Indians who built more than 1,000 campsites in this area from 800-1200A.D., as they trekked to the ocean for salt and shells, which were valuable for trading. Both the ancient rock art and the missions speak eloquently of the many people who have lived and traveled through the borderlands. 3 Days and 2 Nights

Check La Ruta de Sonora’s website for itinerary dates and prices at


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