he Sonoran Desert takes some getting used to. It’s a place where "rivers" have no water; where plants are so spiny you don’t dare reach out to catch your fall; where summer is interminable but winter passes in an eye-blink; where pigs aren’t pigs; where toads spring miraculously from rain pounded soil; where landscapes are pastels but sunsets are beyond Kodachrome; and where people splash in swimming pools near dried-out lawns painted green.

Yet, believe it or not, this exotic place can seem just as natural and logical as anywhere else-once you get to know it. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum asks questions that will help you make sense of it all. Click on the questions to the left to learn just a few answers from their fabulous book called ‘The Book of Answers’ by David Wentworth Lazaeoff. To order go here.

Also check out our Recommended Reading list for other excellent books about the desert.

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