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Join our One World Journeys team and photographer Jack Dykinga, writer Chuck Bowden and desert expert Bill Broyles on a four-wheel drive journey along El Camino Del Diablo through the August searing heat of the Sonoran Desert.

During the journeyCoyote you’ll discover that biological riches and sudden beauty are to be found in one of the harshest desert environments in North America. Along the way you’ll learn of efforts to preserve the heart of this mysterious and silent land through the creation of the Sonoran Desert National Park.

Desert Flowers
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El Camino del Diablo
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What our ancestors called a wasteland, we now know is the last great treasure in the continental United States-the blazing heart of the Sonoran desert, the lushest badland of them all. Now, on both sides of the U.S. and the Mexican border are activities designed to protect the Sonoran desert. The opportunity is simple: in an effort to save this area for generations to come, there is a proposal to create the Sonoran Desert National Park. It will be the greatest transnational biological reserve on earth, a park that can be a benchmark for all the nations. Our One World Journeys team is travelling this historic El Camino del Diablo to learn why there are efforts to preserve this area for generations to come. Join us.

Experience the Eco-Gallery
Photo © Jack Dykinga
Photographer Jack Dykinga has been photographing the American Southwest with a 4x5 view camera for more than fifteen years. Step into our Eco-Gallery with Jack and experience the four very diverse seasons of the Sonoran Desert.

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Gain knowledge of the cast of characters that make up the history of the Sonoran Desert-from men who have left their marks to guide us to the people who are blazing the perservation trail.

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