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Jack walkingJoin our One World Journeys team and photographer Jack Dykinga, writer Chuck Bowden and desert expert Bill Broyles on a four-wheel drive journey along El Camino Del Diablo through the August searing heat of the Sonoran Desert.

During the journeyCoyote you’ll discover that biological riches and sudden beauty are to be found in one of the harshest desert environments in North America. Along the way you’ll learn of efforts to preserve the heart of this mysterious and silent land through the creation of the Sonoran Desert National Park.

Today in the Sonoran
Desert Dreams and Flesh
by Chuck Bowden

One World Journeys’ Sonoran trek stops here, in "the desert of dreams and flesh: it is 110° in an abandoned building, and the Virgin of Guadalupe glows from one wall, a naked woman beckons from another, and in the other room a young blue heron perches on a toilet seat." In this nothingness is everything important of ourselves. Join our team for their desert farewell.

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