Russell Sparkman

Russell Sparkman
Field Producer, Digital Photographer

Russell Sparkman, founder and CEO of Fusion Spark Media, has worked as an assignment photographer based in Japan for many years. He teamed up with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga on a digital landscape photography project for Epson Corporation, which culminated in a highly acclaimed special edition calendar. As an internationally recognized photographer and digital artist, Russell Sparkman is co-author of Essentials of Digital Photography, with Akira Kasai.


Jack Dykinga
Master Photographer

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga’s work reflects the merging of a photojournalistic, documentary approach with large-format landscape photography, focusing on environmental issues in the United States and Mexico. His images can be seen in a variety of publications such as: Arizona Highways, Time, Natural History, Outside, Harpers, Sierra Club, National Geographic and more. His work has been featured by Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best Magazine, as well as being aired on NBC’s Today Show and CNN’s Earth Matters.

Dykinga has co-produced with writer Charles Bowden, four wilderness advocacy books: Frog Mountain Blues, 1985; The Sonoran Desert, 1993 ; the Secret Forest, 1993; and Stone Canyons of the Colorado Plateau, 1996. Dykinga’s work was featured in the book The Sierra Pinacate published in 1998 documenting the U.N. Biosphere preserve in the Mexican state of Sonora. His latest book: Desert: The Mojave and Death Valley was released in October 1999 and chosen for the Book of the Month Club. In November 1999, The Mexican World Wildlife Fund and Agrupacion Sierre Madre presented Dykinga with their Conservation Award for his documentation of Mexico’s protected areas.

Currently Dykinga is working along with Charles Bowden on a new large-format book to help promote the creation of the Sonoran Desert National Park.

More of his work can be found at his website

Charles Bowden

I started writing things and publishing them because the guitar lessons were going nowhere. I've worked as a newspaper reporter, book editor, magazine editor and publisher, free lance writer, and I've scribbled a few books to make sure I got rid of the money and stayed true to my vows of poverty. Now, I'm a contributing editor to Esquire magazine and Harper's magazine and if you don't look too closely I seem almost like a real person. The desert has been my passion since I was a boy because it was the only place I found where life did not live in disguise and the lying trees did not block the view. For years, I've wandered it and written about it and even when my work drifted away at times, the desert stayed in my heart.

I've done a fistful of books on hot ground (Killing the Hidden Waters, Blue Desert, The Sonoran Desert, The Secret Forest, Stone Canyons) while also tracking financial scandals (Charles Keating and the Missing Billions), drug deals (Blood Orchid) and the vast folk migration of Mexicans into the border and the United States (Juarez: the laboratory of our future). Frankly, I've never felt the slightest tension between writing about my ground and writing about the people who inhabit it and I have no truck with the categories invented by cowards, categories such as nature writing, crime writing, business writing and the like. It is all one, just as the individual devolves into idiocy without other people and the men and women live maimed without each other. A friend once told me the desert matters because there is nothing there, nothing at all. I knew what he meant and like him, I have spent my life almost choking to death on the full life of the desert.


Bill Broyles
Writer, Expert Desert Rat

Bill Broyles recently retired from 31 years of teaching English, physical education, and philosophy to high school students in Tucson, Az., and joined the University of Arizona 's Southwest Center as a research associate. He earned a B.A. in English and Philosophy from the University of Arizona and a M.A. in Philosophy from Claremont Graduate School. The unofficial "keeper of the desert," Broyles is a member of the board of directors and works full-time as the unpaid coordinator of the Sonoran Desert National Park Project. When he has any free time, he spends it writing, hiking, and learning about deserts.


Toby Malina
Field Technician

Toby has spent the past twelve years working in the technical/computer field. In 1995, Toby joined Thunder Lizard Productions, a Seattle-based conference production company, as Technical/Editorial Director. She was responsible for the coordination and execution of all conference audio visual including computer systems, lighting, sound, and projection. If it broke, she fixed it.

Currently, Toby is the principal of MacDaddy Consulting in addition to her continuing relationship with Thunder Lizard. She is coauthor of the 3-volume "Web Site Graphics" series, technical/copy editor for many publishers including IDG books and Peachpit Press, and a project manager for Kindred Communications. Toby is hoping that this expedition will prove to be her training ground as she vies for a spot amongst the tribe members for next year's riveting season of "Survivor."

Michael Zilber
V.P. of Technology

Michael Zilber oversees all aspects of FusionSpark Media’s web technology and development as well as key components of field production for One World Journeys expeditions. Originally from Boston, Mr. Zilber relocated to California in the early 1990's and experienced a variety of careers including caring for sharks at Marine World Africa USA. He launched his career in the Internet world by working on the award-winning virtual expedition site TerraQuest. He later started WOBE Productions, based in Sausalito, Calif., as a web design company specializing in travel and photography web sites, and has worked with clients such as Yahoo and Casio Research. Prior to joining FusionSpark Media, Michael managed the World Photo Gallery, an 8,000 member web photo critique site.


Denise Rocco
Executive Producer, Digital Photographer

As Executive Producer, Denise Rocco brings FusionSpark Media web productions to life. Rocco has become one of the leading documentary photographers working on the aggressive edge of digital expedition photojournalism. She began her career at Against All Odds Productions, where she coordinated the production of two groundbreaking projects, "From Alice to Ocean: Alone Across the Outback" and the award winning "Passage to Vietnam." Rocco, whose work has been recognized by respected photography publications such as Photo District News, Vogue Magazine and National Geographic's Online Visions Gallery, was a key contributor to the online adventure travel projects, TerraQuest and Expedia’s Mungo Park. Her work has also appeared in the photography books, One Digital Day, Passage to Vietnam and 24 Hours in CyberSpace. She is the recent winner of an Addy Award for photography she created for a promotional campaign for the Girl Scouts of America.


Jade Michael Carter
Director of Interactive Design - Japan

Jade Carter has been working at the leading edge of interactive media design and planning since the early days of the Internet boom in Japan, spearheading numerous online projects for major Japanese corporations including the Toyota Motor Corporation, Yamaha Corporation, and NGK, to name a few. Mr. Carter has passed the highest level Japanese Language Proficiency Test and has expanded his professional activities to include translation, interpretation, and bilingual narration in addition to design. Mr. Carter, who in recent years has channelled his diverse talents into producing multilingual promotional media content for Japanese audiences, will play a role in localizing FusionSpark Media content for the Japanese market.

See our About Us page on the One World Journeys core site to see the rest of the FusionSpark Media Team that made this project possible and for contact information and public relations.



Marian Blue

Marian Blue, working as staff and freelance columnist and editor in the US and the Caribbean since 1972, has published award-winning essays, journalism, fiction, and poetry in newspapers such as The Christian Science Monitor ; in magazines such as Cruising World and (forthcoming) Wildlife Conservation Magazine and Snowy Egret; in books such as Tiller & The Pen (8th Moon Press) and A Hundred White Daffodils (Graywolf Press). In 1993, she co-founded Blue & Ude Writers Services which works with authors internationally; in addition to writing and editing, she currently teaches for Writers Digest Schools and for Skagit Valley College on Whidbey Island, WA.

Special Thanks on the Sonoran Project.

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Laura Canby
Production Assistance
Laura Canby is a writer/graphic designer who brings to the field of web design 18 years of public relations and print communications experience, primarily in the field of healthcare. She holds a triple degree in journalism, public relations and communications and is currently working as a freelancer while enjoying life on beautiful Whidbey Island.

Dustin Leavitt & Angelica Afanador
Picture Research in AZ

Remote Satellite Systems International
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