Teacher and Student Activities

"Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea" offers teachers and students an exciting opportunity to take a journey of discovery to learn about the circle of life supported by the Pacific Northwest Salmon. The expedition features in-depth background about Salmon ecology as well as daily dispatches from our expedition team to give this learning opportunity a "you are there" experience. Explore the waters and land of British Columbia's Great Bear rainforest to document and understand the importance of the wild salmon to the Pacific Northwest ecosystem.

Just click on any of the links below and you can quickly download classroom activities including worksheets and links to other great web sites. Follow the One World Journeys expedition and use the Expeditions Notes worksheet to encourage your students to summarize our team's observations and their own thoughts about the expedition.

Activities for Students:

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Grades K-4
Animals of the Temperate Rainforest

Grades 5-8
The Salmon Circle of Life

Grades 9-12
Of the Salmon and For the Salmon

Salmon Classroom Poster

Heritage Project

"Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea" is offered as a distance learning course for University credit.

One World Journeys has teamed up with The Heritage Institute to offer "Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea" as a Distance Learning Course worth two continuing education credits through Antioch University.

Register now and you and your students can take an exciting journey of discovery to learn about the circle of life supported by the Pacific Northwest Salmon.

Check out The Heritage Institute web site to learn more and to register.

Salmon and British Columbia Coastal Rainforest Links

Raincoast Conservation Society

Greenpeace, of Canada Biodiversity Site

Sierra Club, Our Ancient Temperate Rainforest

Ecotrust Inforain Temperate Rainforest Mapping Project

The Salmon Corps

Maxwelton Salmon Adventure, Whidbey Island

The Salmon Page- Riverdale Grade School, Portland, OR

Salmon A-Z - Park University Elementary, Fairbanks, AK

People for Salmon

Chinook Salmon - Keep the Wild Alive

Salmon Information Center

Columbia River, NationalGeographic.com

Wash. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - Salmon Facts

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

National Marine Fisheries, NOAA, Endangered Species Act

B.C., Ministry of Environment, Fish Protection Act

BC Salmon Farmers Association

Orca Conservancy

Soils for Salmon