Each member in our team brings an expertise to the overall expedition project. If you have a specialized question, you might want to direct your questions to a particular team member; or you can toss a question out to the team as a whole. We will do our best to answer all questions. We will post the best and most frequently asked questions on the site, so check back here often during the Live Journey.

Some team specialties:

Ask Russell or Natalie any of your photography questions, from what kind of gear they're using in the field to how to plan your own digital excursion.

Susan, our team reporter, can help answer any of your questions about our daily reports, species we have encountered, or the lowdown on how the team functions while living and working off a boat.

Want to know the best time of year to come to Alaska or British Columbia to create your own journey? Ask Richard, our Captain and resident expert on the area.

Need to know what to pack for a trip of this sort? Toby has the answers. From our favorite Patagonia gear to the best tool kits to fix your Mac in the field, Toby knows how to make sure you and your equipment enjoy the trip.