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Special Report: Touching the Great Bear Rainforest
Excerpted from Ian & Karen McAllister's coffee-table book The Great Bear Rainforest. Ian gives a touching and detailed report of a land known as Canada's forgotten coast, the land they fell in love with and have dedicated their lives to preserving.
Field Dispatch: Beginning the Journey Home
The One World Journey's team overcomes seasickness to rise to the excitement of seeing their first whale and meeting Tisimshian artist Henry Kelly. Experience the beginnings of this expedition through the words of nature writer Susan Zwinger.
Special Report: Pathways
For millennia, people have found their physical and spiritual needs tied to the salmon. Natalie Fobes plunges into the ways of life being lost along with this mysterious and primal species, the wild salmon, that circles the Pacific and links the forest to the sea.
Field Dispatch: Discovering Wilderness
Deep in their search for fish and bears, the team discovers sun-burnished towering mountains, glaciated fjords, humpback whales, spawning salmon, and a huge cast of birds. "This," claims writer Susan Zwinger, "is what nature is supposed to be!"
Special Report: Barging Down the River
Brad Matsen explores the history that has brought us into the latest desperate attempt to save the wild salmon: barging the young fish (smolts) past the thirteen major dams along the Columbia River in order to reach the Pacific Ocean. Travel with Brad through the analysis of this question-making solution.
Field Dispatch: Feast of Experience
"The Kermode!" With those words, guide Marven Robinson introduces the five-hundred-pound white bear plunging toward the foaming white water to fish for salmon. The OWJ team's determination - rising early, slogging through mud, and enduring the chill and wet - is rewarded as they photograph this rare bear on Princess Royal Island.
Special Report: Cowboys of the Sea
Millions of dollars and your life: high stakes on a gamble of dropping a net in the right place at the right time in order to barely make a living. Commercial fishing embraces families and long tradition. Natalie captures the saga of the fishing families' quests for smoking nets.
Field Dispatch: Wolf Song
"From the natural world springs our origin, our nourishment, our resources, our sanity, and our healing," writes Susan Zwinger after hearing of the US tragedy. In honor of the web of life, the One World Journeys team shares the gift of wolf song: "All humans should know the wolf's howl back to the moon in the darkest of moments."
Special Report: Homecoming
Restoring salmon runs and restoring a sense of community: for Tom Jay, the two are one. Today, Tom takes a meditative journey through events and revelations during his work to restore the "deep note of our dwelling here"..."restorying the landscape with tales of its essential beauty."
Field Dispatch: Coming Home - Joining the Cycle
Feeding on salmon, orcas bring closure to our quest for understanding salmon, spirit of the land and sea. Enter the whale's world of sound, color, and light through the lenses and words of the One World Journeys team and the Captain and crew of the vessel Gikumi.