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Future Status of Palmyra:

The Conservancy's primary objective is to protect a large functional conservation area in the Central Pacific Ocean [in this case a 515,000-acre land- and seascape]. Our hope is that this area will maintain the ecological processes at and around Palmyra Atoll and sustain the rich biological diversity, both terrestrial and marine, that the atoll supports. In addition, the Conservancy intends to work closely with the US FWS to ensure the protection of certain species that are becoming depleted around the tropical Pacific Ocean, such as the napoleon wrasse, humphead parrotfish, green and hawksbill sea-turtles, the coconut crab and the bristle-thighed curlew. The Conservancy also wants to ensure a robust population of reef fish and near-shore fish populations and protect them from over-fishing. When the Conservancy looks at Palmyra Atoll, we see a continuum of diverse habitats that include emergent lands, Pisonia rainforest, beaches, sand flats, lagoons, 16,000 acres of coral reefs, and the deep blue ocean -- all of which are ecologically connected. Any future management plan for the area will be driven by these ecological objectives and will maintain, enhance and restore the connectivity of all habitats.

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