Extremes often define our encounters within the natural environment. Today, in the expedition's final dispatch, the OWJ team members explore both the absurd and the spiritual: experience "The Battle of the Boobies" and examine the nature of humans and place while honoring the memory of a US Marine, Wilson Reed, who loved Palmyra.
Photos by Russell Sparkman
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During the live expedition hundreds of our viewers emailed comments or questions to the field team. Click to view the answers to your questions about the life on and around beautiful Palmyra Atoll. Also, see the daily Dispatches for answers to other questions.

Terry Tempest Williams, our environmental field reporter, teams up with author Brooke Williams, her husband, to daily capture atoll action: learn more about team members and what they'll be doing and discovering during a week on mysterious and isolated Palmyra.

Why did we choose Palmyra? How was it created and why is it important? Gear up on critical aspects of this coral reef's role in the study of global health with one of our OWJ writers, Marian Blue.

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