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During the live expedition hundreds of our viewers emailed comments or questions to the field team. Click to view the answers to your questions about the life on and around beautiful Palmyra Atoll. Also, see the daily Dispatches for answers to other questions.

Brooke Williams describes the exhilarating 96 hours of preparation in Hawaii and introduces you to the team members for this expedition to the island of Palmyra.

For a bird's eye view of Palmyra, take flight with writer Susan Zwinger who examines how this remote atoll looks to a migrating bird after navigating thousands of miles of open sea.

The One World Journeys team dives into paradise and discovers both beauty and the harsh reality that "...even in paradise, wildness reigns."

Palmyra: rowdy with birds, rich in biodiversity, shadowed by environmental concerns. Today, OWJ team members separate, pursuing pieces of the Palmyra puzzle.

The OWJ team plunges into rainy-day examinations of the human impact on Palmyra and of the impact of Palmyra on humans. Explore the camp; meet the staff; learn about the non-human mammals - rats and cats and shark-hunting dogs - that are part of the Palmyra experience.

Might Palmyra stand as a promise for the good that we can do? Join Terry Tempest Williams in her discovery of how Palmyra escaped the nuclear legacy of the South Pacific.

Extremes often define our encounters within the natural environment. Today, in the expedition's final dispatch, the OWJ team members explore both the absurd and the spiritual.
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