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Brooke Williams profiles Yvon Chouinard.

Yvon has volunteered to tag bonefish for The Nature Conservancy while on Palmyra.

Live Expedition - Daily Journal
May 18th, 2001

by Terry Tempest Williams

"...the rising birth
of nature from the unapparent deep"

Paradise Lost
John Milton

Last night, in the light of burning torches, with manta rays circling in the shallows, we spoke of paradise:

Larry Neu, our pilot: "Paradise is somewhere you can go and not worry about your problems at home - nice people, nice sunsets, and the opportunity to do whatever you want without having anyone to report to - Yes, paradise in the Pacific, not bad."

Jim Maragos: "Where you wake up happy and you go to bed content...Paradise is in your mind, yeah? I've never really thought about it before."

Yvon Chouinard: "Paradise -" he smiles. "Perfect wave. Perfect break point. 6 - 8 feet high with a bonefish flat point next to it."

Russell Sparkman: (While he is passing out "Lawrence of Palmyra" hats) "Wherever I happen to be at the moment where I am content and unfettered - especially when I'm doing this work. I love this work."

Daria Siciliano: "Hovering in the water with manta rays and sharks and 150 foot visibility."

Michael Zilber: "Give me a day - "

Brooke Williams: "When I'm in a wild place that demands every kilowatt of my brain capacity and there is no room left to think about the past or the future."

Jeff Foott: "Right here on Earth...a series of linked emotions brought on by lush, exotic vegetation. Right here, this moment."

Franklin Viola: "One definition? I'm not sure I've ever found it - Paradise must be ultimate peace."

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