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Caring Enough To Explore | 1, 2

In the coming months we'll profile explorers whose work increases our awareness of unique and endangered places, and inspires us to care.

There's Peter Lane Taylor, for example, who traveled the world chronicling the lives of scientists working in the most extreme environments, from noxious gas laden caves to oxygen-depleted mountain peaks. Peter's personal accounts of the project and excerpts from his book "Science at the Extreme" will be the subject of Exploring Our World features.

We'll also introduce you to explorers such as Richard Bangs, who is widely recognized for his many "first descents" down some of the world's most remote white water rivers; and to Wes Skiles, an underwater cameraman known for his breathtaking films about exploration into the world’s deepest underwater caves.

Through their stories, as well as others, we will discover both the challenges and the rewards of pushing the envelope in the name of exploration. And from their first hand observations we’ll learn about the impacts of modern society on the natural world, and how it impacts their concerns for our environment.

And finally, we want to hear from you. The Journeys Corps of Storytellers is where your stories about your own explorations -- whether in your local community or a faraway land -- can make a difference in how we view, and ultimately care about, our planet.

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One World Journeys is an award-winning online presentation about our natural world. Featuring their trademark "live" expeditions, and the new Journeys Corps of Storytellers, One World Journeys is building connections between people and groups through inspirational storytelling.

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One World Journeys Expeditions
Science at the Extreme, by Peter Lane Taylor
Wes Skiles, Underwater Cameraman and Explorer

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