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To further inspire you to unleash the storyteller within, your work will be presented alongside our trademark photo-documentary Expeditions and monthly Feature Articles about the image creators who are leaders in the field of nature photography and illustration. Also, in the near future, we will offer special prizes or incentives for the best stories submitted to the Picturing Our World channel.

Some great upcoming Picturing Our World Feature Articles include:

PAT O'HARA, the master photographer on One World Journeys’ premier expedition, “Georgia Revealed: Searching for the Soul of the Caucasus” shares with us his commitment to increasing awareness of the country of Georgia and provides an understanding why this little known part of the world will play an increasingly important role in Europe and Central Asia.

JACK DYKINGA describes how the 4x5 photos he creates of the Sonoran Desert continue to play an instrumental role in the avocation of National Park status for this unique desert ecosystem. Dykinga explains why the park designation hasn’t happened yet and shares with us how the events of 9/11 had an unexpected impact on the route explored by One World Journeys during it’s “Sonoran Desert: 5000 Square Miles of Silence” expedition.

JEFF FOOTT shares his concerns about man’s impact on the world’s coral reefs and how a flood of ocean waters could soon displace more than one million inhabitants of Pacific Island nations. Without coral reefs, Jeff describes, there’s nothing to hold the waves at bay. Jeff also explains why he sold his entire stock nature photography archive, a must read for anyone considering a career in nature photography. Jeff was the master photographer on the One World Journeys “Palmyra: Rainforest of the Sea” expedition.

NATALIE FOBES, famed salmon photographer, helps us understand why there may be a day when real wild salmon become extinct. If you eat salmon, you’ll want to read why Natalie is concerned about British Columbia’s recent decision to lift its moratorium on salmon farming. Natalie also talks about the recent photographic missions supported by Blue Earth Alliance, the non-profit organization she founded with photographer Phil Borges. Natalie was the master photographer on the One World Journeys “Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea” expedition.

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One World Journeys is an award-winning online presentation about our natural world. Featuring their trademark "live" expeditions, and the new Journeys Corps of Storytellers, One World Journeys is building connections between people and groups through inspirational storytelling.

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