Unidos para la Conservacion

Founded in 1992, Unidos para la Conservacion (United for Conservation) has grown into a leading nonprofit organization in Mexico working for the conservation and management of priority species and their ecosystems.

Unidos para la Conservacion has supported several projects that are critical in terms of ecological and economic impact for local communities. United for Conservation also helps support fundraising programs to collaborate with and support other organizations involved in important conservation efforts.

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Important Projects of Unidos para la Conservacion:

  • Jaguar Project: The jaguar research in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve began in 1995 and has resulted in the capture and release of eight jaguars and four pumas making it one of the most successful monitoring programs in Latin America. The wild cats are fitted with radio collars to permit researchers to monitor their movements, behavior and habitat.  This study will help researchers better understand the jaguar's role as the "umbrella species" and a barometer of the health of Mexico's rainforest region.

  • Desert Bighorn Sheep: Together with the UNAM's Institute of Ecology and the Seri community, the populations of this species on Tiburon Isle have been studied for the last five years.  This study has allowed the research team to count on a cinegetic utilization rate that benefits the Seri community and enables the capture and reintroduction of desert bighorn sheep in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila, where the Bighorn had disappeared.

  • Pronghorn Reintroduction: The "Return of the Pronghorn" program reintroduced 65 pronghorn in 1996 and 85 during 1998 to the Colombia Valley in Coahuila where this species had disappeared half a century ago.

The following organizations and individuals have made the Jaguar Research Project possible:


Agrupación Sierra Madre; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Estafeta Mexicana; Pegaso PCS; Green Wall Foundation; Safari Club International; Kimberly Clark de Mexico; Ferrero de Mexico; Time Magazine; Club Regina; Cemex; Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza; Smithsonian Institute; Grupo Pochteca

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