Scientists and hounds crash through the Mayan jungle hunting the fleeting shadow of the jaguar. The survival of the jungle and the jaguar depend on this hunt and the answers it provides. The jaguar wins the title as one of the least-known and most-endangered of the wild cats. Even while many fight to save the jaguar, its population drops in direct relationship to the loss of its jungle territory to an encroaching human population. Yet knowing the jaguar is how one understands the importance of the jungle. To preserve the jaguar's habitat is to preserve all life in this region.

Join us on a 10-day journey through the jungles of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula with Patricio Robles Gil, photographer and visionary behind the Sierra Madre Jaguar Project, to track the rarely seen jaguar. Gain a greater understanding of this vital natural corridor and the jaguar's role in it. Slip with us into the Yucatán night during the Expedition in pursuit of the Lord of the Mayan Jungle.

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