Join the team as they trek through the Yucatán
iconSlip into the pre-dawn jungle with our One World Journeys team – including photographer and author, Patricio Robles Gil -- as we attempt to find, tree, and collar a jaguar, the world's third-largest and least-known cat. Be a part of this effort to study and preserve the endangered jaguar and the dwindling tropical forest it prowls.
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Our expedition team will explore in and around the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, 1.8 million arces comprised of a patchwork of mature disturbed forest, secondary growth, and savanna-type flood plains on the Yucatán Peninsula. As we track the cat, we'll also visit ancient Maya ruins, meet rare rainforest animals, and discover why this environment is threatened. What we discover could well predict our own future.

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About the Team
Who are these brave souls, both in the field and at home, who are taking on such a project? Come find out.

And if you have a question, you can contact our team in the field through our message boards.

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Today's Bulletin: Follow the Expedition: Journey into the jungle with our team on a 10-day expedition in search of the jaguar. Through Special Reports and Live Expedition Journals, you will experience the thrill of the search and the secrets behind the land that is home to the jaguar.

Expedition Journals
Expedition journals represent our Team’s daily discoveries while searching for the jaguar. Photos, audio, video and written dispatches were prepared in the field and sent via satellite phone to our home team for presentation on the web.

Special Reports
Special reports are feature stories prepared in advance of the expedition that connect you with the experiences of writers and photographers who have also known the allure of the jaguar and her home. These reports offer vivid details that will help you understand and enjoy the Mayan jungle's environment, culture and history.

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