The One World Journeys team invites you on our live, 10-day tour of mystery and nature within Mexico's isolated Yucatán Peninsula. From the city of Chetumal, on the coast of Bahía de Chetumal off the Gulf of Honduras, we'll travel by truck, heading inland away from the city and into jungle. During the five hour ride, we'll leave the familiar behind to establish our base camp north of Kohunlich (a Maya ruin where giant faces of the sun god and other divine beings adorn a stucco-covered pyramid). From this base camp, we'll be exploring the jungle of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, largest protected jaguar habitat in Mexico. Rich in flora and fauna diversity, this area is also famous for Classic and Pre-classic Maya ruins. We'll visit many of these remote, difficult-to-reach ruins; you can make the treks with us by clicking on the live dispatches. These include ruins such as the Late Classic site of Río Bec whose name has become associated with the architectural style we'll find there: chambers flanked by solid towers constructed to look like temple-pyramids. Begin now: a journey through time is just a click away!
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