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Georgian Waterfall
Though Georgia may not be the first place to come to mind when planning an eco-escape, Georgia offers real wilderness in our times, with virgin nature, rich endemic flora and fauna, and striking landscapes. The unique importance of Georgia is due to its location between several bio-geographical regions, on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, representing an unique and rich landscape system.

The diversity of landscapes in Georgia is very high in comparison to its small territory, which gives the opportunity for visitors to see many different types of landscapes over a relatively short period of time. With the diversity of landscapes, various cultures have been created in Georgia, which are still preserved, making any trip more attractive and pleasing.

What is really outstanding is that in two weeks you can visit all these scenically and biologically diverse regions. Yet we believe it is possible, and necessary, to incorporate ecological conservation in ecotourism activities. That's why these tours are designed and led by local ecologists who are familiar with the specific characteristics of regions you will visit and can provide expert knowledge and guidance.

Mountain Wildlife Tour
Like many mountain regions of the world, Georgia has a variety of topographical and bio-geographical zones. This is reflected in the abundance and variety of wildlife that can be found in Georgia despite its relatively small area. In fact, Georgia has one of the highest levels of endemism in the world, including many protected species of flora and fauna. This two-week tour takes in the sights of Tbilisi as well as the alpine regions around Mt. Kazbegi (5033m), highest peak in the country, and Lagodekhi national park.

May through September

Day 1 - Arrival Tbilisi
Day 2 - Tbilisi (sightseeing)
Day 3 - Tbilisi - Kazbegi (botanical alpine station)
Day 4 - Kazbegi (surrounding, alpine meadows)
Day 5 - Kazbegi - Truso valley camp (sub-alpine and alpine meadows)
Day 6 - Truso valley - Kazbegi
Day 7 - Kazbegi - Tbilisi
Day 8 - Tbilisi - Lagodekhi National Park
Days 9 - 12 - Lagodekhi National Park (diverse habitat)
Day 13 - Return to Tbilisi
Day 14 - Tbilisi
Day 15 - Departure

For more information on eco-tours in Georgia, visit Caucasus Travel.

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