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Hidden behind the veil of the Soviet era for most of the 20th century, this enchanting land is now open for all to experience. Join the One World Journeys' Team as they delve into this ancient culture on the brink of modernization. Explore with nature photographer Pat O'Hara to learn about Georgia's efforts to protect ancient alpine forests in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. Immerse yourself now in a twelve-day trip through the Country of Georgia.
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From virgin, old growth forests to 12th century frescos to the highest peaks of the Caucasus, follow our teams as they travel by foot, horse and helicopter to explore this fascinating country. To begin your experience, either follow the Expedition Map or View their notebooks.

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The Living Pillar

The religious heritage of Georgia.


An Image of Eden

Riding into the heart of beauty.


The Epson Gallery

View a gallery of images our team captured with the Epson PhotoPC 3000Z digital camera.

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