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Pat O'HaraPat O'Hara
Master Photographer

Pat O'Hara is a widely acclaimed wilderness photographer whose work has been featured in 14 books over the past 20 years. He has made the wilderness of the United States a specialty, and published work on Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mount Rainier, and Olympic national parks among others. In addition to his photographic work, Mr. O'Hara is an educator, leading Nikon sponsored workshops for the Disney Institute. Mr. O'Hara is currently working on a 2 year project in the country of Georgia, at the request of senior Georgian ministers and other officials, to document Georgia's natural wonders. It has been his inspiration and initiative that has made Georgia Revealed the premier expedition of One World Journeys. Visit his website at

Eleanor O'HanlonEleanor O'Hanlon
Nature Writer/Field correspondent

Eleanor O'Hanlon was born in Kerry on the wet and windy west coast of Ireland, and studied languages and literature at Trinity College in Dublin. Upon waking one morning to hear about the Chernobyl power plant accident, Ms. O'Hanlon became part of an international Greenpeace team campaigning against the use of nuclear weapons and reactors on ships and submarines. She later worked for British television and the Environmental Investigation Agency on "Animal Detectives," a television series on the illegal wildlife trade. She started writing about natural history for BBC Wildlife, Science et Vie, Interview in Spain, and other publications. Ms. O'Hanlon traveled to Georgia with Pat O'Hara in the fall of 1999, to combine their efforts and skills on a ongoing project about the emerging country. "After all that work in the former Soviet Union," she writes, "it is fascinating to see a former Soviet republic take up its independence as Georgia has done. And it gives me hope to see such efforts for wilderness -- we need good stories to remind us how much beauty and abundance still exists on our planet."

Peter NasmythPeter Nasmyth
Culture Writer/Field correspondent

Writer and journalist Peter Nasmyth has been traveling in the Caucasus for the past 13 years, writing on the area for most major UK newspapers as well as the Washington Post. His familiarity with Georgia began during the late 1980s, when he served as correspondent in the Soviet Union during its dramatic collapse. In 1988 he was instrumental in organizing the first live musicians TV satellite bridge between London and Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and Since then has blended broadcasting and writing with a variety of culturally based projects, including his Children of the Caucasus therapeutic art project among the former 'enemies' of the southern Caucasus (to tour the US in 2001). He has been nominated for the United Nations Media Peace Prize, and his latest book "Georgia: In the Mountains of Poetry" published in 1999 by St. Martins Press and Curzon, will soon be in paperback.

Denise RoccoDenise Rocco
Field Photographer, Producer

Denise Rocco has become one of the world's foremost documentary photographers working on the aggressive edge of digital photojournalism. She began her career at Against All Odds Productions, where she coordinated the production of two groundbreaking projects, "From Alice to Ocean: Alone Across the Outback" and the award winning "Passage to Vietnam." Ms. Rocco, whose work has been recognized by respected photography publications such as Photo District News and National Geographic's Online Visions Gallery, was a key contributor to the groundbreaking online adventure travel projects, TerraQuest and Mungo Park. She is the recent winner of an Addy Award for her promotion campaign for the Girl Scouts of America.

Russell SparkmanRussell Sparkman
Field Producer, Photographer

Russell Sparkman, founder and CEO of Fusion Spark Media, has worked as an assignment photographer based in Japan for many years. He teamed up with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga on a digital landscape photography project for Epson Corporation, which culminated in a highly acclaimed special edition calendar. As an internationally recognized photographer and digital artist, Russell Sparkman is co-author of Essentials of Digital Photography, with Akira Kasai.

Michael ZilberMichael Zilber
Field Production Manager

Michael Zilber, field production manager for Georgia Revealed, grew up in Boston but moved to sunny California in the early 1990's. After a variety of careers which included caring for sharks at Marine World Africa USA, he became involved with the Internet by working on the award winning virtual expedition site TerraQuest. He started WOBE Productions as a web design shop specializing in travel and photography web sites, and has worked with clients such as Yahoo and Casio Research. He is currently administrator of the World Photo Gallery, an 8,000 member photo critiquing site.

Denise RoccoNana Gerasimova
Fine Artist and Field Team Interpretor

Nana Gerasimova is a graduate of the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, one of the most prestigious art academies in the former Soviet Union. Currently, Nana is a professional instructor at the Fashion Design Department of Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts and works as a freelance designer for Tbilisi advertising agencies and book publishers. Nana's fine art encompasses a full range of skills, from oil and waterpainting techniques to monoprint. Her lastest exhibit in Georgia is based on a new technique of using layered printer's inks on paper. Nana's paintings are in private collections in Europe and United States. Her work has been exhibited in 25 exhibitions, 5 of which have been solo exhibitions. Visit her website at


Christian Kallen
Executive Producer, Expeditions

As travel writer, photographer and field producer, Christian Kallen's background in online expeditions is unsurpassed. Starting as the director of TerraQuest's award winning Virtual Galapagos and Virtual Antarctica expeditions, Mr. Kallen has played a significant role in establishing standards of excellence for using the immediacy of the Internet to tell compelling online adventure stories. Mr. Kallen also applied his skills to Microsoft's Mungo Park, serving as director of over a dozen live expeditions, and was lead writer and co-director of the Great Trango Tower expedition for Quokka Sports.

Kelly Goto
Site Producer, Creative Director, Idea Integration

Kelly Goto helped develop and launch Warner Bros. Online, currently one of the top three entertainment sites and top 10 overall destination sites worldwide. She has developed and produced educational content for clients such as Microsoft and National Geographic Online. Ms. Goto is a widely sought after, author, consultant and lecturer on web design workflow and interface architecture. She is currently creative director of, a business and technology solutions company.

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