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In 1935 in the United States, Roy Stryker of the U.S. Farm Security Administration formed a corps of photographers to document the devastating effects of the Depression on America's farmers. The FSA photography project, the first photo-documentary undertaking of its kind, had a direct and measurable impact on social reform. Photographers as diverse as Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and Gordon Parks contributed to this historic work. The images that took shape out of the photographer's lens snapped a nation awake and changed the way we see ourselves.

Like the FSA, One World Journeys will use the power of photography and storytelling to inspire and educate individuals about the importance of preserving, protecting and respecting our natural heritage. As an internet community, will feature the images and words of leading wilderness photographers, writers and naturalists teamed to explore and record unique ecosystems and environs throughout the world.

One World Journeys online community will provide a place for nature and wilderness enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, environmentalists, and photographers to view and learn about remote regions of the planet. In addition, One World Journeys will offer photo workshops, outdoor adventure and wilderness travel advice, ecotourism information and links as well as ecommerce opportunities including outdoor gear, photographic print sales and more.

In short, One World Journeys is "where people and the planet click" to learn, to explore and to be inspired to work towards the preservation of our natural heritage .


"Georgia Revealed: Searching for the Soul of the Caucasus"
Live Expedition - April 16 - 30

Georgia Revealed will be a two-week live expedition with daily updates including journal entries from the field team and a rich presentation of digital photographic images, streaming audio and video.

One World Journeys is joining photographer Pat O'Hara and London-based writer Eleanor O'Hanlon to document the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Georgia. O'Hara is working on a two-year project to photograph and document the country's system of nature reserves, national parks and protected lands in the Caucasus Mountains region. His efforts are coordinated through Georgia's Protected Areas Program in support of President Eduard Shevardnadze's mission to protect and preserve Georgia's natural resources to promote tourism and economic development.

O'Hara and O'Hanlon are joined by Russell Sparkman, photographer and president and CEO of FusionSpark Media, and Peter Nasmyth, author of the book "Georgia: In the Mountains of Poetry" published last year. The expedition team will also include Denise Rocco, a seasoned expedition producer and documentary photographer who served as a photographer and field producer for several of Microsoft's online adventures with and the award-winning expeditions.

"The Sonoran Desert"
Live Expedition - August 2000

In August, One World Journeys will join Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga in the searing heat of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, across the U.S. and Mexican border. Dykinga and others are promoting the creation of the Sonoran Desert National Park and what would be one of the greatest transnational biological reserves on Earth. One World Journeys' two-week Sonoran Desert expedition will present the stunning imagery captured by Dykinga, of Tuscon, Arizona, accompanied by the narrative of author and journalist Charles Bowden.

"The Jaguar: Lord of the Jungle"
Live Expedition - Winter 2000

A third expedition in 2000 will feature Patricio Robles Gil, of Mexico City, a highly acclaimed wildlife photographer and co-author of the photo books Megadiversity and Hotspots which were produced along with Conservation International. The expedition will take place in the jungles of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico as part of a project to promote the protection of the Jaguar's threatened habitat.

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