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FusionSpark MediaFusionSpark Media, Inc. is a new media communications company developing exciting and engaging content for the World Wide Web. FusionSpark Media's primary strategic focus is the development of cause-related content and web documentaries for new and established Internet communities.

Central to FusionSpark Media's mission is the development and dramatic presentation of socially relevant internet productions which can be marketed to the Internet's most sought after target markets. Primary areas of focus include environmental, health care, medicine and family themes, as well as nature and outdoor adventure, photography, arts, literature and more.

By integrating the talents of master photographers, authors, journalists, online correspondents, web designers and site developers with the latest digital imaging tools and satellite technology, FusionSpark Media is creating some of the richest and most visually stimulating webcast presentations on the Internet.

With offices in the United States and Japan, FusionSpark Media also offers clients a full range of graphic design, advertising, and public relations support and strategic planning to help corporate and media partners leverage custom internet productions to meet corporate, marketing and media objectives.

To learn more about FusionSpark Media's full range of online and offline services, contact us at:

Russell Sparkman
President and CEO

Kevin T. Sparkman
Vice President of Marketing

RoseAnn Alspektor
Vice President of Business Operations and Licensing

FusionSpark Media, Inc.
Whidbey Island
P.O. Box 160
Clinton, Washington 98236-0160 USA
TEL: 360/221-4001

FusionSpark Media Japan
Maison Ozawa Building, 7F
4-16-24 Sakae, Naka-ku
Nagoya, Japan 460-0008
TEL: 81-52-249-1108
FAX: 81-52-249-1109


Russell Sparkman
Founder, CEO, President

As a consultant, author and speaker in digital imaging trends and technology, Russell Sparkman has played a significant role in the growth of the professional digital photography industry in Japan. Mr. Sparkman is a founding member of the Multimedia Consortium of Central Japan (MCCJ), and serves on its Board of Directors. Mr. Sparkman is also present in the field as digital photographer and correspondent.

Kohei Koie
Vice President FusionSpark Media - Japan

A graduate of Tokyo Designer College, Kohei Koie started JANAC, a full service design and advertising agency, in Nagoya, Japan, in 1975. His business has become one of Japan's most successful agencies because Mr. Koie has been quick to adopt new technologies that were critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. His ability to foresee the impact of technology on his business led him to the creation of an internet and multimedia development division of JANAC in 1995. Mr. Koie is a founding director of the Multimedia Consortium of Central Japan (MCCJ) and is a director and investor in FusionSpark Media.

Kevin Sparkman
Co-founder, Vice President, Marketing

As Director of Community Relations for the Gift of Life Donor Program, America's largest organ transplant coordinating agency, Kevin Sparkman has managed all aspects of the program's marketing, public affairs and media relations activities, as well as oversight of the organization's legislative affairs. Mr. Sparkman has 15 years of experience in public relations in both the agency and non-profit sectors and has received special recognition and awards for his work in communications and public relations.

RoseAnn Alspektor
Vice President of Business Operations and Licensing

RoseAnn Alspektor's experience in new and interactive media dates back to the mid-1980s when she worked for AT&T Consumer Products developing interactive user interface guidelines for collaborations with Compuserve, national newspaper syndicates such as Times-Mirror and Knight-Ridder, and others. After working for Pixar Animation Studios as Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Alspektor founded The Valis Group, where she led efforts to develop, publish and market award-winning software products, two of which were subsequently acquired by major software firms. Ms. Alspektor's combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience plays an important role in the development of FusionSpark Media and One World Journeys.

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